Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vintage Car Race

Over the summer,  I visited a small town in Wisconsin called Elkhart Lake. It's normally a quiet town with not a lot of commotion with the exception of one weekend.  Vintage car weekend. This weekend people come from all over the world, across the ocean, and over on the mountains and plains of America to witness this exciting event. In these few days, instead of only 970 people living in this little town of  Elkhart Lake, there are now 3000 people!
This orange car was the brightest car I  have ever seen. When I looked inside,  I was amazed to see how many buttons there were, and I saw how different the car was than your normal Ford or Honda.
I adored this red race car, for it shines in the sun like a mirror. I would not want to drive this though. I would no be able to tell apart the radio and air-conditioning. Let alone, me driving it. :-) But, my brother, Jake, would think the exact opposite and want to sit shotgun while Ayrton Senna da Silva, World Driving Champion , raced around the track.

This was one of my favorite cars at the race. The unique style and the sky blue color astonished me.  
Have you ever been to a car show?
What car do you like best in this blog post?


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tubby's back and better than ever!

We have now had Tubby for fives months. He is ten months old!
Tubby has changed a lot since he was a baby. He now likes to walk around inside the house and outside. Tubby does not have a cage any more! He doesn't need it.
We are teaching Tubby how to walk up the stairs, but he can only make it up to the third step. : )
I'm hoping when he is older he can walk all the way to my bed room and snuggle with me at night.
"Oink! Oink!"
Do you notice how much Tubby has grown?
Do you have a pet that's changed?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A trip to the farm

One hot, sunny Saturday, my dad took me to a barn. We saw playful goats and hungry pigs.
 When we first arrived, the goats immediately charged towards us like a bullet, expecting we had food to feed them. I thought they were going to knock us down, but instead they surround us. The goats adored attention, but...

The pigs ran away even though I was seven feet away from them. I started to get irritated that they ran away from me, but that all changed when a little white pig decided to come near me. I started scratching him and he tipped over! That's when an animal lays down on their side. He was  the same size as Tubby. Some pigs were the size of baseballs, and others were the size of me!

I cherished the prodigious day with my dad.
Have you ever been to a barn?
What animals did you see?



Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Elkhart Lake!


                                              Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin was a blast!

This summer, I spent five weeks in a small town, population 967, called Elkhart Lake, located in Wisconsin.

Photo by Abbey
I swam a lot because there are two pools and a refreshing spring fed lake in the resort. In the vast lake, we enjoy doing watersports. Watersports is where you can tube, wakeboard, and water ski.
I have been coming here for eight years now, so I have tried all of the wet sports.
Photo by Abbey
In 2006, we bought a cozy condo in the Grand Victorian,
and have been staying there ever since. 
Photo by Abbey
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we need somewhere to eat. That's where Off The Rail comes in handy. My dad and I treasure biking to Off The Rail, and we order a delicious panni with ham and cheese.
What did you do this summer?
Where did you stay?

Saturday, June 22, 2013


                                                                    It's Tubby again!
Tubby likes to wander along the kitchen floor searching for food. Tubby's hobbies are eating, sleeping, and trying to get  out of his cage. In the picture below, Tubby is looking at the camera because he thinks it is food!

During the middle of the day, we give Tubby snacks. For example, we would feed him nuts or rice. Tubby vigorously devours food out of my hand, and it always tickles to feel his wet snout rub against me.


Tubby is getting so big that I feel like he has drunk a growing potion. When my family and I first got him in Maui, Hawaii, he was only five months old. Now he's eight months old!

                       How long did we have Tubby for?
                                Isn't Tubby adorable?


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wild Walnut Park

                         Over the weekend my family went to park called Wild Walnut Park.
Photo by Abbey

A sign there said that Wild Walnut Park provides food, shelter, nesting, and hiding places for birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and insects. These trees are oak trees, Native Americans used oak tree branches for utensils, cradle boards and fire wood. They played games with acorns, leached and ground as bait in traps. Spanish explorers cut oak trees to build houses, barns, and fences.

Photo by Abbey

 Wow! Look at the tree! Notice the bright sunlight coming through the green leaves. My brother, Jake, and I climbed on the branches, and we had a wonderful time. We even pretended that we were in the Olympics doing gymnastics on the balance beam. : )

Photo by Abbey

Have you ever been to Wild Walnut Park, if not, what outdoor parks have you gone to?

Monday, June 3, 2013


On a hot day, my brother, Jake, noticed a nest in our back yard! Soon we saw a bird in that nest. We named her Penelopy. My mom thought she was a dove. She had big beautiful eyes, black spots on her wings, and a strip of blue running down her back.

Photo by Abbey

A few weeks later, I spotted two other birds in the nest. How do you think they got there? Do you think they are her babies?

Photo by Sarah (my mom)
When I went outside to check on Penelopy, she wasn't there and neither were the two birds, but I saw somthing else that took my breath away.
Photo by Abbey
Sadly, later in the week we couldn't find the egg, Penelopy, or the two birds. :(  Maybe a preditor ate the egg; maybe it hatched and flew away, or maybe Penelopy took it somewhere. I didn't know because there was no egg shell to be seen or found.
Have you ever experianced something like this?
Where did the two other birds come from?
What do you think happend to the egg?