Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vintage Car Race

Over the summer,  I visited a small town in Wisconsin called Elkhart Lake. It's normally a quiet town with not a lot of commotion with the exception of one weekend.  Vintage car weekend. This weekend people come from all over the world, across the ocean, and over on the mountains and plains of America to witness this exciting event. In these few days, instead of only 970 people living in this little town of  Elkhart Lake, there are now 3000 people!
This orange car was the brightest car I  have ever seen. When I looked inside,  I was amazed to see how many buttons there were, and I saw how different the car was than your normal Ford or Honda.
I adored this red race car, for it shines in the sun like a mirror. I would not want to drive this though. I would no be able to tell apart the radio and air-conditioning. Let alone, me driving it. :-) But, my brother, Jake, would think the exact opposite and want to sit shotgun while Ayrton Senna da Silva, World Driving Champion , raced around the track.

This was one of my favorite cars at the race. The unique style and the sky blue color astonished me.  
Have you ever been to a car show?
What car do you like best in this blog post?


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